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There are many threats in the world of Elemental, including the monsters of the world and the marching forces of the Sorcerer King. No matter the enemy, there are common things you should watch out for when judging the potential danger of any unit. As a first indicator, all units in the game are given a Battle Rank. This takes into account stats and abilites, so while a warlock may have low HP, the spells they cast make them a deadly aversary. The battle rank will reflect these nuances. In general, units will have a fairly easy time whn pitted against enemies with a lower Battle Rank, but will lose handily against a higher Rank. In a close matchup it's important to consider the specific spells, special abilities and statistics of units on both sides. For instance, abilities like immunities to certain damage types can swing a battle dramatically in some fights and then be completely useless in others. Choosing which battles to engage in and those you should avoid will be essential to ensuring your victory.