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Accuracy- Accuracy is the unit's ability to hit opponents in combat. It is primarily affected by the unit's level, though some traits and items may influence it.

Dodge- Dodge is the unit's ability to avoid an attack. This is compared to the attacking units Accuracy to see if the hit occurs. If it doesn't the unit has Dodged the attack and no damage is done. If the attack isn't dodged a roll is made to see how much damage is done. Some items or spells may also give a Dodge vs Ranged Attacks bonus. This is just like Dodge but it is only applied vs ranged attacks like from bows or throwing knives.

Attack- Attack determines the damage the unit does when attacking. Attack primarily comes from the units weapon, though it is also affected by the units strength, traits and enchantments. Attack is compared to the defenders defense to figure out the actual damage done. There are several sorts of Attack damage. Blunt, Cutting and Piercing all come from different weapon types. Magical items and spells may also have Cold, Fire, Poison and Lightning Attack.

Defense- Defense lowers the damage this unit takes from attacks that hit him. Most Defense comes from the units armor, but it can also be influenced by spells and traits. The different attack types are defended against in different ways. Chain mail offer more Defense against cutting attacks, Plate Mail provides more Defense against blunt attacks. Magic items and spells are normally needed to protect against the magical attack types.

Hit Points- Hit points are the amount of damage a unit can take before it dies. It is primarily determined by the unit's constitution and level.

Initiative- Initiative determines how frequently a unit gets to act in combat. A unit with a 20 initiative will come up twice as often in the initiative queue as a unit with a 10 initiative. Getting more actions in tactical combat is a powerful ability since it multiplies all the units other abilities, allowing them to cast spells or attack more often.

Critical Hits- Champions have a chance to score critical hits when they attack. To do so they must hit their opponent by at least 10 more than needed. If they do so, then they have a percentage chance equal to their Critical Chance of scoring a critical hit. Units with a high accuracy, or attacking creatures with a low dodge are more likely to score critical hits. Critical hits normally double the unit's damage, but some magical weapons and traits can modify the Critical Multiplier, increasing it even further. Trained units can't perform critical hits.

Spell Resistance- Spell Resistance is the unit's ability to negate or reduce the effect of spells cast on them. This is influenced by the unit's Intelligence and Level, but can also be affected by traits and magical items.

Spell Mastery- Spell Mastery makes it harder for opponents to resist the spells this unit casts. It is primarily influenced by the caster's Intelligence and Level.